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Microsoft Open Sources Its Artificial Brain to One-Up Google

MICROSOFT’S BRAIN IS now available for anyone to use in their apps. The company has open sourced the artificial intelligence framework it uses to power speech recognition in its Cortana digital assistant and Skype Translate applications. This means that anyone in the world is now free to view, modify, and use Microsoft’s code in their […]


Baidu releases open source AI code

Baidu, a massive Chinese web company along the lines of Google, has released artificial intelligence software WARP-CTC on GitHub. WARP-CTC, developed at Baidu’s Silicon Valley AI lab, was created to improve speech recognition in Baidu’s end-to-end speech recognition program Deep Speech 2. WARP-CTC functionality in Deep Speech 2 has been shown to allow speech recognition […]


Yahoo releases largest ever machine learning dataset to research

Yahoo Labs today announced that it will make available to researchers a dataset that’s record-breaking in terms of data density. The Yahoo News Feed dataset contains 110 billion events drawn from samples of anonymised transactions on the portal’s news feed, and weighs in at a whopping 1.5 terabytes zipped. The data release, part of the […]